Solar Panels & Inverters

Solar panel technology is more advanced and affordable than ever before.  We offer a complete range of solar panels and inverters to suit all requirements and budgets.

Some of the products we offer

VertexS Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Trina Vertex Solar Panel Logo



This VertexS ultra-thin Monocrystalline solar panel is designed with aesthetics in mind.  The outstanding design is coupled with enhanced performance, module efficiency and reliability.  Optimised for excellent performance in all conditions as well as compatibility with mainstream inverters, optimisers and mounting systems.  This is an easy install product which allows for flexible installation solutions reducing installation costs.

Provided with: Extended VertexS Warranty

Vertex S TSM-DE093.05 - Module Features


  • 415 W+ Maximum power output
  • 21.3% Maximum efficiency
  • 0~+5W Positive tolerance
  • Positive load up to 6,000 Pa (snow)
  • Negative load up to 4,000 Pa (wind)
  • Multi-busbar technology for better light trapping, lower series resistance,
    improved current collection and enhanced reliability
  • Excellent low light performance (IAM) with cell process and
    module material optimization
  • Designed with aesthetics in mind
  • Reduces installation cost with higher power bin and efficiency

Solar Panels

Solar Sunrise Solar Panels Logo

The Full Black Aquaman Series

Excellent technical advantages and system design scheme to achieve high reliability, power generation effective gain and EPC cost reduction.  Products can match different installation conditions, taking into account high adaptability and high compatibility.  With mature support and inverter scheme, customized design for industrial, commercial and centralized ground power stations.

ISO approved manufacture
Sunrise Solar Panels
25 Year Warrenty and MCS Certification

SUNRISE SR-54M410HLPro - Module Features


  • 410 W+ Maximum power output
  • 21.01% Maximum efficiency
  • 0~+5W Positive tolerance
  • Pressure bearing up to 5,400 Pa
  • Wind bearing up to 2,400 Pa 
  • PID Resistance
  • Salt mist resistance/Ammonia resistance/Dust and hail resistance
  • Production process reliability test
  • Mono MBB half cut
  • Reduce BOS cost increase ROI
  • Non-destructive cutting
  • All Black BIPV

Solar Panels

Jinko Solar Panel Logo

Tiger Neo N-Type 60HL4-(V) 460-480 Watt


The Jinko Neo N-Type 60HL4-(V) is a powerful and durable solar panel solution.  The robust design comes with advanced technological features.  These panels have excellent resilience in the harshest conditions.  Light trapping technology allows excellent power generation even in undesirable conditions.

Certified and Approved Manufacture

Vertex S TSM-DE093.05 - Module Features


  • 480 W+ Maximum power output
  • 22.24% Maximum efficiency
  • 0~+3% Positive tolerance
  • SMBB technology for better light trapping, lower series resistance,
    improved current collection and enhanced reliability
  • PID Resistance
  • Salt mist resistance/Ammonia resistance/Dust and hail resistance
  • Enhanced mechanical load – Certified to withstand: wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow
    load (5400 Pascal)
  • Hot 2.0 Technology – The N-type module with Hot 2.0 technology has better
    reliability and lower LID/LETID

Solar Panels

Longi Logo
Longi Ho-Mo Logo

LR5-54HIB 390-410M

Excellent design and advanced technology delivers efficiency and aesthetics with this all black module design.  The LR54-54HIB is suitable for distributed projects and has excellent outdoor power generation performance.  

Longi Solar Panel
25 year warranty

Hi-MO 5m LR5-54HIB - Module Features


  • 410 W+ Maximum power output
  • 21.0% Maximum efficiency
  • Power output Tolerance 0~3%
  • Front side maximum static loading 5,400 Pa
  • Rear side maximum static loading 2,400 Pa
  • <2% First year degradation
  • 0.55% year 2-25 power degradation
  • Half-Cell Lower operating temperature
Fox ESS Solar Inverter

Solar Inverters

Fox ESS Logo

Single-Phase Hybrid/AC Inverter

This FoxESS1 phase hybrid inverter contains a current transformer

Harness the power of the sun day and night with the ground-breaking range of Hybrid & AC inverters from FOX.  Full of advanced features and compatible with our very own range of high-voltage batteries, the hybrid range from FOX is a new class of Inverter.  Expand your system easily by simply adding additional batteries.  There are six battery size options, and a maximum of seven batteries can be installed in series, providing up to 18.2kWh of storage capacity.

Module Features

East Installation

Flexible configuration, plug and play set-up, built-in fuse protection.

High Voltage

Includes high-voltage batteries for maximum round-trip efficiency.

IP65 Rated

Engineered to last with maximum flexibility. Suitable for outdoor installation.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your system remotely via smart phone app or web portal.

Fox ESS Logo


Fox is a global leader in the development of inverter and energy storage solutions. Engineered by some of the world’s leading inverter and battery experts, their products are breaking new ground; offering customers the most advanced product features currently available, coupled with unrivalled performance and reliability.

Solar Inverters

Soplar-Edge-Solar Inverter logo
Single Phase Inverter
with HD-Wave Technolog
SE2200H, SE3000H, SE3500H, SE3680H,
SE4000H, SE5000H, SE6000H

Optimized installation with HD-Wave technology

    • Specifically designed to work with power optimizers
    • Outdoor and indoor installation
    • Fixed voltage inverter for longer strings
    • Record-breaking efficiency
    • Smart Energy Management control
    • Extremely small, lightweight and easy to install
    • Advanced safety feature – integrated arc fault protection
    • High reliability 
    • Compatible with the StorEdge Interface for StorEdge applications
    • Built-in module-level monitoring


Extras we recommend


A solar panel optimiser uses maximum power point tracking to improve the output of each solar panel in a PV array.  This helps improve the performance of a PV system when conditions like shading can cause some panels to underperform while allowing the rest of the string to operate normally.

    • Optimization
    • Monitoring
    • Rapid Shutdown

Features and benefits

Includes the benefits of safety & monitoring and shade and age tolerance to maximize lifetime yield.

Solar Optimiser
Bird Blocker

Bird Blocker

Extras we recommend

Everyone with solar panels: Wholesalers, individuals, professionals and large companies.  With BirdBlocker, you can be sure of a top-quality, cost-saving, animal-friendly and sustainable innovation.  Produced in Europe and appreciated around the world.


BirdBlocker does what the name promises.  Bird nests under solar panels cause broken cables, fire hazards and efficiency loss.  Bird welfare can also be threatened in this situation. The solution: BirdBlocker deters birds in an animal-friendly way and directly contributes to more efficient solar panels and a good living environment for people and birds.  BirdBlocker helps keep your solar panels in top condition.

Extras we recommend


Flat Roof Accent

Low Ballast Tilt Mounting System for PV Installation on Flat Roofs


Solar Panel Tilter

Ballast Optimized

Ballast reduction through aerodynamic optimized construction.  Also tested in boundary layer wind tunnel by the independent wind tunnel test agency, to achieve optimum ventilation for maximum energy output.


With the click connections between Legs and Bases, no tools are used during the Legs and Bases assembly. The storage space is greatly reduced due to the innovative Rear Leg Extension, thereby saving the cost of warehouse management.


Available with a module length up to 2180mm, widths up to 1100mm, PV-ezRack Ascent offers flexible solutions and suitable for al framed PV panels with height from 30 to 46mm.  Power optimizer, micro invertor can be easily accommodated.

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Solar Services

Solar Panel Installation Bristol

We are solar panel installers in Bristol and provide a comprehensive solar panel installation service.  We services both residential and commercial clients throughout Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Solar Panel Maintenance Bristol

Once your solar panel installation is complete, our local experts are on hand to provide support and maintenance 7 days a week.

We only use specialist electrical products

With over 20 years of trading, Rygol Electrical Services have the knowledge and understanding to provide professional advice on which electrical products to recommend.  We are insured to use and install all major products with a liability of up to £2,000,000.

Solar Products

Solar Panels & Inverters

We supply and install a complete range of solar panels to suit all requirements and budgets.  Our product range covers both residential and commercial projects.  We are elite installers for FOX ESS as well as installing other creditable trade names like Alpha ESS and Trina Solar.

Solar Batteries 

We install a range of solar batteries that enable you to store and use solar energy to its maximum potential.  As an elite installer, we install both FOX ESS and Alpha ESS inverter and battery systems.

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