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Solar panels cost less than ever before and it pays to invest

Significant Savings

Reduce overheads by saving up to 100% on your energy bills.

Energy Security

Protect your business from rising energy costs and power outages.

Low Risk Investment

Solar provides a low risk healthy ROI in comparison to other investments.

Competitive Advantage

Improve your reputation and sustainability credentials.

Reduce C02 Footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint by using a renewable energy source.

Why are so many businesses investing in commercial solar panels in Bristol?


Investing into commercial solar panels provides a surprisingly high return and has become one of the UK’s most popular green energy solutions for businesses.  Commercial solar panels are available for any business large or small and all that is required is a roof or plot of land.

Environmental awareness is at an all time high, energy prices are continuing to rise and solar panel systems becoming more affordable than ever.  It is no surprise so many businesses are already taking advantage of the exceptional benefits of commercial solar panels in Bristol.  Investing into solar energy can provide your business with:

  • ROI (return on investment) in only a few years
  • Protection from rising energy costs
  • Protection against power outages
  • Significantly reduced overheads
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Increase your ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) score
  • Improved environmental credentials & reputation
  • Increased property value

commercial solar panels Bristol

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What types of businesses can use commercial solar panels in Bristol?

Installing commercial solar panels is a fantastic investment for businesses today.   If your business has enough roof space or enough land, you can benefit from solar power.  Solar energy is no longer a blue-chip or enterprise level investment.  Commercial solar panel systems are now found in SME’s and small businesses powering whole operations, for example in factories, farms, offices and shops.

Most businesses operate during the day, this makes it even more worthwhile switching to solar energy.  However, businesses that run during the night or even businesses that have excess energy from the day can combine solar panels with batteries to power your operations with free energy.

There are two places that a business can install solar panels.

Installing solar panels on the roof of your commercial property:

There are very few limitations on installing solar panels on the roof of your commercial property. No planning permission will be required to do so.

Installing commercial solar panels on a plot of land:

Installing commercial solar panels on a plot of land is also know as a solar farm.  Unless the solar farm is fairly small in size you will require planning permission from your local council.  Depending of the size and height of your solar farm, the visual impact, area and local grid connectivity will have to be taken into consideration.

Could your business benefit from commercial solar panels in Bristol?


Your business will benefit from commercial solar panels if you want to significantly reduce your energy bills, improve your reputation and lower your carbon footprint.  However, there are a few points to consider:

1. Do you own or lease your commercial property?

2. How long do you intend to operate from the commercial premises?

3. Can your business afford the initial investment?

4. Could you lease or finance the solar panel system?

It is recommended that a business owns or has a long-lease on the intended installation site and is planning to stay at the premises for more than 10 years.  There are a number of finance and leasing options that can help businesses with the initial investment into solar, there is some more information on the financial side of commercial solar panels below.

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How much do commercial solar panels cost?


A commercial solar panel system in the right business will provide an excellent return on a low risk investment.  A standard commercial solar panel system will create free electricity for over 25 years and have paid for itself within approximately 5 years.  However,  every commercial solar panel installation will be different.  The main cost for your solar panel system will be in the initial investment, this is due to the very low cost for maintenance and upkeep of commercial solar panels.  The cost of your solar panel system will depend on:

  • The size of your solar panel system
  • The type of solar panel system
  • The quality of solar panels, inverters and batteries
  • Placement of the solar panel system
  • Installation and labor

These are some of the factors that will determine the cost of your solar panel installation.  Our experienced engineers are able to provide a price estimate and proposal for your solar project.  We combine your requirements with important information gathered from our state of the art technology to provide the best possible solution for your business.

Commercial solar panel grants

There are government grants and tax benefits available to businesses switching to solar energy.  However, the only government grants available in the UK are region specific.  These are localised grants based on switching to green energy and lowering carbon emissions.  Depending on what is available in your area these local grants can provide thousands toward the cost of solar panels.

Businesses switching to solar in Bristol and Dorset could receive funding for up to 40%-80% of their total installation cost.

Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA)

A power purchasing agreement allows businesses to receive all the benefits from solar energy without having to purchase the system themselves.  A PPA agreement is a financial arrangement between two parties, in this case it would usually be the commercial property owner renting a plot of land or roof space to an energy producer (the investor).  Within a typical PPA agreement you would usually see the commercial property owner purchasing solar energy from the investor with significant savings.

It can also be common practice where by the commercial property owner inherits the solar panel system after 25 years. This can be extremely beneficial as solar panel systems can continue providing free energy for up to 30 or even 40 years depending on the technology used.

Why choose Rygol to install your commercial panels in Bristol?

We are a Bristol based solar panel installation company and we pride ourselves on providing a professional, reliable and local experience.

All of our engineers are approved and certified and we provide official documentation and extensive warranties to support each installation.

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Why choose Rygol?

  • Local solar experts
  • Local solar support
  • Great warranties
  • Works insured
  • MCS & NICEIC certified
  • HIES accredited
  • Finance options
  • Service with a smile

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Solar Services

Solar Panel Installation Bristol

We are solar panel installers in Bristol and provide a comprehensive solar panel installation service.  We services both residential and commercial clients throughout Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Solar Panel Maintenance Bristol

Once your solar panel installation is complete, our local experts are on hand to provide support and maintenance 7 days a week.

We only use specialist electrical products

With over 20 years of trading, Rygol Electrical Services have the knowledge and understanding to provide professional advice on which electrical products to recommend.  We are insured to use and install all major products with a liability of up to £2,000,000.

Solar Products

Solar Panels & Inverters

We supply and install a complete range of solar panels to suit all requirements and budgets.  Our product range covers both residential and commercial projects.  We are elite installers for FOX ESS as well as installing other creditable trade names like Alpha ESS and Trina Solar.

Solar Batteries 

We install a range of solar batteries that enable you to store and use solar energy to its maximum potential.  As an elite installer, we install both FOX ESS and Alpha ESS inverter and battery systems.

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